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Lavalink supports third-party plugins to add additional functionality such as custom audio sources, custom filters, WebSocket handling, REST endpoints, and much more.

Lavalink loads all .jar files placed in the plugins directory, which you may need to create yourself. Lavalink can also download plugin .jar files automatically by editing the configuration file. See the respective plugin repository for instructions.

Plugin Description
Google Cloud TTS plugin A text to speech plugin using the google cloud tts api
SponsorBlock plugin Skip sponsor segments in YouTube videos & return YouTube video chapter information
LavaSrc plugin Spotify, Apple Music & Deezer(native play) support
LavaSearch plugin Advanced search functionality including playlists, albums, artists, tracks & terms
DuncteBot plugin Additional source managers that are not widely used
XM plugin Support for various music tracker module formats
Lyrics.kt plugin Plugin that fetches timestamped lyrics from YouTube
Java Timed Lyrics Timestamped lyrics from YouTube with Genius fallback, supports IP-rotation
LavaDSPX Audio Filters Additional audio filters for Lavalink

If you want to make your own plugin see here